Stuttgart hosts an extraordinary array of research groups with a wide spectrum of expertise in fundamental condensed matter science. The concept of the research school is based on the premise that Ph.D. students can benefit from a forum that brings together the entire condensed matter community in Stuttgart. In addition to broadening the students' scientific horizon, specific synergies can develop if concepts and techniques are widely shared and jointly explored. In the following, we highlight selected areas where such synergies are apparent.

Collective Phenomena
Collective phenomena in condensed matter are being studied by many IMPRS PIs with expertise in complex fluids, semiconductor heterostructures, complex materials including especially transition metal oxides, and cold atoms. more
Complex Materials
Our ability to design complex materials to address specific scientific questions or technological requirements is rapidly evolving. Solid-state chemists in Stuttgart synthesize a large variety of organic and inorganic materials as well as hybrid compounds with novel lattice architectures and electronic structures. more
Interfaces determine the functional properties of many materials in a decisive way. For instance, transport along and across interfaces is of key importance for energy conversion and storage. Control of interfacial phenomena is a major focus of research in the IMPRS-CMS. more
Entirely new phenomena appear in solids as their characteristic dimensions reach the nanometer scale,comparable to the de Broglie wavelength of the electrons and other fundamental length scales such as the Debye screening length. Many research groups in Stuttgart are pursuing the experimental characterization and theoretical description of such phenomena. more
Experimental groups in Stuttgart are pushing the limits of measurement technology in many domains of condensed matter science. At the same time, theory groups are developing innovative analytical and numerical schemes for the description of condensed matter systems. more
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