Tim Priessnitz

Main Focus

I am a first-year PhD student specializing in solid state research and condensed matter physics. Throughout my Bachelor's and Master's studies, I cultivated a strong expertise in time-domain THz emission spectroscopy and THz high harmonic generation. Leveraging these advanced techniques, I conducted in-depth investigations on thin films of highly conducting transition metal oxides, such as PdCoO2, and explored the properties of cuprate superconductors.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD studies, with a strong emphasis on the exploration and manipulation of magnons in antiferromagnetic materials. To accomplish this, I plan to employ a diverse range of spectroscopic techniques, including (time resolved) THz spectroscopyRaman spectroscopy, and X-ray scattering. Moreover, I want to investigate the impact of different types of strain to unravel the intricate behavior of magnons. By integrating these techniques, I aim to uncover new insights into the fundamental properties of antiferromagnetic materials, thereby contributing to the forefront of solid state research.
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