MSc. Eng.- Matías Emanuel di Mauro Esteban

Main Focus

Method Development for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.

Development of Transcorrelated Methods for Periodic Systems.

Full Configuration Interaction Quantum Montecarlo (FCI-QCM) for Model Systems (Hubbard).

Curriculum Vitae

I am an Argentine student graduated from the Material Science Programme at the National University of Mar del Plata (ARG). I obtained my Master's Degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree Programme from the University of Trieste (IT) and the Sorbonne University (FR).

I have recently joined the Electronic Structure Theory Department of the MPI-FKF (GER) as a PhD student to work on the development of quantum mechanical methods for the study of strongly correlated systems under the supervision of Prof. Ali Alavi and Prof. Daniel Kats. 

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