Dr. rer. nat. Maryam Akhlaghi


Curriculum Vitae

College / University:
2004 - 2010 Tehran University, Iran

Highest Degree:

Master in Materials Science & Engineering

Ph. D. exam:
November 2015 at the University of Stuttgart

Title of dissertation:

Precipitation of nitrides in iron-based binary and ternary alloys; influence of defects and transformation-misfit stresses

M. Akhlaghi, R. Mahmudi, M. Nili. Ahmadabadi
Deformation energy of NiTi shape memory wires
Materials & Design 32, 1923-1930 (2011)

M. Akhlaghi, F. Rashchi, E. Vahidi
Stripping of D2EHPA from Fe (III) after solvent extraction of Zn
The Journal of Iranian Metallurgical Engineering Society 12, 4-13 (2009)
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