Dr. rer. nat. Chia-Chin Chen

Dr. rer. nat. Chia-Chin Chen


Curriculum Vitae

College / University:
001-2005 B.Sc.: National Taiwan University, Taipei (Taiwan)
2007-2010 M.Sc.: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (USA)

Highest Degree:

Master in Chemical Engineering

Ph. D. exam:
February 2016 at the University of Stuttgart

Title of dissertation:


C.C. Chen, T. Maruyama, P.H. Hsieh and J.R. Selman
The reverse Boudouard reaction in Direct Carbon Fuel Cells
ECS Transactions, 28, 227 (2010)

C.C. Chen and J.R. Selman
Mathematical Model of Carbon Corrosion in a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell
ECS Transactions, 28, 31 (2010)
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