Dr. rer. nat. Ulrike Kraft


Main Focus

College / University:
2003 - 2009 Technical University Freiberg, Germany

Highest Degree:

Diploma in Applied Natural science

Ph. D. exam:
August 2015 at the Technical University Freiberg

Title of dissertation:
Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Thioacenes for Organic Thin-Film Transistors

U.Kraft, U. Zschieschang, F. Ante, D. Kälblein, C. Kamella, K. Amsharov, M. Jansen, K. Kern, E. Weber, and H. Klauk
Fluoroalkylphosphonic acid self-assembled monolayer gate dielectrics for
threshold-voltage control in low-voltage organic thin-film transistors
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20, 6416-6418 (2010)

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