Main Focus

Interests & Goals
The goal of my Ph.D. thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of highly frustrated magnets by measuring their thermal and magnetic properties in the subkelvin regime. To achieve these low temperatures, I am currently refurbishing a kelvonix dilution fridge and adding the required measurement platforms systems. I am specifically planning studying the heat capacity of highly frustrated low dimensional compounds in subkelvin regime.

Law, J.M., P. Reuvekamp, R. Glaum, C. Lee, J. Kang, M.H. Whangbo, and R.K. Kremer
Quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnetism and multiferroicity in CuCrO4
Physical Review B 84, 1, Seq. No.: 014426 (2011)

P. Reuvekamp, F.S. Razavi, C. Hoch, J.S. Kim, R.K. Kremer, and A. Simon
Spontaneous Stoichiometry Change in Single Crystals of Superconducting (Ba1-xKx)Fe2As2 Grown by a Rapid-Heating Sn-Flux Method
J. Supercond.
Nov. Magn. 22, 353-356 (2009)

Curriculum Vitae

College / University
2003-2009 Brock University, Ontario, Canada

Highest Degree
Masters of Physics in Condensed Matter and Material Science
Major Interests
Low-temperature Transport and Magnetic Measurement of Highly Frustrated Magnets

Ph. D. exam:
November 2014 at the University of Stuttgart
Title of dissertation:

Investigation into the magnetic and the structural properties of two low-dimensional antiferromagnets TiPO4 and CrOCl

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