Dr.rer.nat. Gerardo Gamez-Corrales

Curriculum Vitae

College / University:
1993- 1997 University of Sonora
1999 - 2002 National Polytechnic Institute

Highest Degree:
M.Sc. in Physics

Major Interests:
Electron correlation in the Quantum Hall regime

Ph. D. exam:        September 2007 at the University of Hamburg (Germany)
Title of dissertation:

Correlated Many-Electron Phenomena in the Quantum Hall Regime: Electronic Liquid-Crystal Phases and Spin Phase Transition

Göres, J., G. Gamez, J.H. Smet, L. Pfeiffer, K. West, A. Yacoby, V. Umansky, and K. von Klitzing
Current-induced anisotropy and reordering of the electron liquid-crystal phases in a two-dimensional electron system Physical Review Letters 99, 24, Seq. No.: 246402 (2007)

Verdene, B., J. Martin, G. Gamez, J.H. Smet, K. von Klitzing, D. Mahalu, D. Schuh, G. Abstreiter, and A. Yacoby
Microscopicmanifestation of the spin phase transition at filling factor 2/3
Nature Physics 3, 6, 392-396 (2007)

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