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Leineweber, A., T. Gressmann, and E.J. Mittemeijer
Simultaneous Control of the Nitrogen and Carbon Activities During Nitrocarburizing of Iron
Surface & Coatings Technology 2056, 2780-2791 (2012)

Leineweber, A., T. Gressmann, M. Nikolussi, and E.J. Mittemeijer
The hkl dependences of microstrain and of macrostress-induced macrostrain; a comparison
for intrinsically extremely anisotropic cementite, Fe3C
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie Supplement 30, 103-108 (2009)

Nikolussi, M., S.L. Shang, T. Gressmann, A. Leineweber, E.J. Mittemeijer, Y. Wang, and Z.-K. Liu
Extreme elastic anisotropy of cementite, Fe3C:
first-principles calculations and experimental evidence
Scripta Materialia 59, 814-817 (2008)

T. Gressmann, A. Leineweber, and E.J. Mittemeijer
X-ray diffraction line-profile analysis of hexagonal
ε-iron-nitride compound layers: composition- and stress-depth profiles
Philosophical Magazine 88, 145-169 (2008)

T. Gressmann, M. Wohlschlögel, S. Shang, U. Welzel, A. Leineweber, E.J. Mittemeijer, Z.-K. Liu
Elastic anisotropy of
γ΄-Fe4N and elastic grain interaction in γ΄-Fe4N1-y layers on α-Fe:
first-principles calculations and diffraction stress measurements
Acta Materialia 55, 5833-5843 (2007)

T. Gressmann, A. Leineweber, E.J. Mittemeijer, and M. Knapp
X-ray diffraction analysis of an
ε/γ΄ iron-nitride compound double layer
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie Suppl. 26, 223-228 (2007)

A. Leineweber, T. Liapina, T. Gressmann, M. Nikolussi, E.J. Mittemeijer
Phase transformations and interstitial atom diffusion in iron-nitride, iron-carbonitride
and iron-carbide layers
Advances in Science and Technology 46, 32-41 (2006)

T. Gressmann, M. Nikolussi, A. Leineweber, E.J. Mittemeijer
Formation of massive cementite layers on iron by ferritic carburising in the additional
presence of ammonia
Scripta Materialia 55, 723-726 (2006)

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