Dr.rer.nat. Ji-Yong Shin


Main Focus

Defect Chemistry of Oxide Materials for Lithium Battery Applications


Ji-Yong Shin, Jong Hoon Joo, Kiran K. Adepalli, Dominik Samuelis, and Joachim Maier
The Effect of n-type Doping on Lithium Storage in TiO2
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 13, 8963-8970 (2016)

Ji-Yong Shin, Dominik Samuelis, and Joachim Maier
Defect Chemistry of Lithium Storage in TiO2 as a Function of Oxygen Stoichiometry
Solid State Ionics 225, 590-593 (2012)

Ji-Yong Shin, Jong Hoon Joo, Dominik Samuelis, and Joachim Maier
Oxygen-deficient TiO2-δ Nanoparticles via Hydrogen Reduction for High Rate Capability Lithium Batteries 
Chemistry of Materials 24, 543-55 (2012)

Ji-Yong Shin, Dominik Samuelis, and Joachim Maier
Sustained high lithium-storage performance of hierarchical, nanoporous anatase TiO2 at high rates: emphasis on interfacial storage phenomena
Advanced Functional Materials 21, 3464-3472 (2011)

Rajpal Singh, Thathan Premkumar, Ji-Yong Shin, Kurt E. Geckeler,
Carbon Nanotube and Gold-Based Materials: A Symbiosis (Review article)
Chemistry-A European Journal 16, 1728-1743 (2010)

Ji-Yong Shin, Chorong Kim, Kurt E. Geckeler
Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Polystyrene Nanocomposites: Dispersing Nanotubes in Organic Media
Polymer International 58, 579-583 (2009)

Gunho Jo, Woong-Ki Hong, Jung Inn Sohn, Minseok Jo, Ji-Yong Shin, Mark E. Welland, Hyunsang Hwang, Kurt E. Geckeler, Takhee Lee
Hybrid Complementary Logic Circuits of One-Dimensional Nanomaterials with Adjustment of Operation Voltage
Advanced Materials 21, 2156-2160 (2009)

Ji-Yong Shin, Thathan Premkumar, Kurt E. Geckeler
Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Using Surfactant: Are the Type and Concentration Important?
Chemistry-A European Journal 14, 6044-6048 (2008)

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