Curriculum Vitae

College / University:
Irkutsk State Technical University (Russia)
since 2015 University of Stuttgart

Highest degree:
Diploma in Physics

Major Interests:
Superconductivity, Magnetism

Mentor: Prof. Dressel

K. S. Rabinovich, A. S. Zhuravleva, L. L. Samoilenko, A. G. Shneider
Anomalous diamagnetic transitions in Ba2Cu3O4Cl2 and Sr2Cu3O4Cl2 antiferromagnets

JETP Letters

 K. S. Rabinovich, L. L. Samoilenko, A. S. Zhuravleva, A. G. Shneider
Magnetic properties of high-symmetry CuO

Applied Physics Letters
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