Scope of the Workshop

In “quantum materials”, the collective behavior of strongly interacting electrons generates a wide range of spectacular physical properties including high-temperature superconductivity and the quantum Hall effect. Understanding this behavior is the key for the creation of a new generation of materials and devices. This workshop will bring together scientists working at the frontier of research on quantum materials at Peking University, at several Max Planck Institutes, and at the University of Stuttgart.



Program, Speaker and Organization

  • Low Dimensional Physics
    Jianhao Chen (Peking University), Ruirui Du (Peking University), Klaus von Klitzing (MPI-FKF), Jurgen Smet (MPI-FKF), Jürgen Weis (MPI-FKF), Chi Zhang (Peking University)

  • Superconductivity
    Hans Boschker (MPI-FKF ), Philipp Hansmann (MPI-FKF), Andreas Schnyder (MPI-FKF), Ryuichi Shindou (Peking University), Fa Wang (Peking University), Jian Wang (Peking University), Jian Wei (Peking University)

  • Spin and Charge Order
    Martin Dressel (University of Stuttgart), Elena Hasslinger (MPI-CPFS), Ying Jiang (Peking University), Klaus Kern (MPI-FKF), Je-Geun Park (Seoul National University), Angel Rubio (requested, MPI-SD), Hidenori Takagi (MPI-FKF),  Jörg Wrachtrup (University of Stuttgart)

  • Spectroscopy
    Eva Benckiser (requested, MPI-FKF), Maria Daghofer (Univeristy of Stuttgart), Bumjoon Kim (MPI-FKF), Yuan Li (Peking University), Andreas Rost (University of Stuttgart), Nanlin Wang (Peking University),  Xincheng Xie (Peking University)

  • New Developments in Solid-State-Theory
    Ji Feng (Peking University), Andreas Grüneis (MPI-FKF), Xinzheng Li (Peking University), Dirk Manske (MPI-FKF)

Poster Session

The workshop will feature a mixture of tutorials and scientific talks presenting some of the latest developments in the field. PhD Students and other participants will have the opportunity to present their work as poster. For the PhD students, who wish to receive a certificate of attendance, registration is mandatory.



Schedule and Program

The workshop will start on Monday morning (July, 13), with the first talk at 10 a.m., and the program will end in the early afternoon on Friday (July, 17).


Here you can download the POSTER and the PROGRAM for the workshop.


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