Thesis Advisory Committee

Each MPI-FKF student is assigned to an individual thesis advisory committee (TAC). The main goal of the TAC is to identify any problems before they become serious impediments to the student’s thesis research.

TAC Guidelines

    1. For each MPI-FKF PhD student, a TAC will be established, consisting of:
      • the PhD supervisor
      • the day-to-day supervisor (if existing) and
      • an external adviser: a scientist of the institute, but not member of the same department as the student

    2. Within six months after their starting date a PhD thesis proposal hast to be submittet to Ms. Lang ( by the PhD student.
      In addition, the PhD student arranges a meeting with the TAC in order to discuss the proposal and to talk about any open issues related to the PhD work. 

    3. By November 1st of each year, the PhD student submits an annual research report of approximately 1 to 2 pages to Ms. Lang ( (Exception: PhD students with a starting date after April 1st do not have to submit an annual report in their first year.)
      In addition, between November 1st and December 31st, the PhD student will have a meeting with the TAC in order to discuss the annual research report and the status of the PhD work. Scheduling of these meetings will be arranged by the student’s supervisors. To confirm that the TAC meeting has taken place, please download and fill the form below and send it to Ms. Lang (

    4. Ms. Lang informs each PhD student four weeks in advance about the deadline for the reports. She will make the proposal and the annual research reports available to the members of the student’s TAC.
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