The workshop will feature a mixture of tutorials and scientific talks presenting some of the latest developments in the field.

Scope of the School

Efficient energy conversion and storage is a key challenge, for which electrochemical devices play a decisive role. This International School covers the fundamentals regarding materials (ionic and mixed conducting materials) and mechanisms (transport, electrochemical reactions, catalysis). It is discussed how solids can be tailored with respect to functions desired in batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaics or large storage devices.


Fundamentals of energy conversion and storage, functional materials (ionic and mixed conductors, catalysts), methods for characterization and modelling, batteries, Fuel Cells (PEM and SOFC), thermochemical storage, photovoltaics, large scale storage, thermoelectrics.

Confirmed Speakers

J. Fleig (TU Vienna, Austria), M. Gaberscek (National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia), M. Grätzel (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland), H.-U. Habermeier (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), P. V. Hendriksen (DTU Roskilde, Danmark), L. Jörissen (ZSW Ulm), P. Knauth (Univ. Marseille, Fance), E. Kotomin (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), U. Kramm (TU Darmstadt), K. D. Kreuer (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), M. Kubicek (TU Vienna, Austria), B. Lotsch (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), S. Ludwigs (Univ. Stuttgart), J. Maier (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), J. Mannhart (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), R. Merkle (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), C. Muhich (ETH-Zürich), W. Münch (EnBW Karlsruhe), S. Paddison (Univ. of Knoxville, USA), J. Popovic (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), W. Sigle (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), W. Sitte (MU Leoben, Austria), R. Usiskin (MPI-FKF Stuttgart)

Poster Session

PhD Students and other participants will have the opportunity to present their work as poster. For the PhD students, who wish to receive a certificate of attendance, a poster contribution is mandatory. Participants who are interested in presenting a poster, please contact H.G. Libuda before October 14, 2016.

Program and Schedule

The workshop will start on Monday morning (October, 24), with the first talk at 9.45 a.m., and the program will end in the afternoon on Wednesday (October 26, 2016).


Here you can download the POSTER and the PROGRAM for the workshop.

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