Superconductivity and Magnetism at the Nanoscale
from June 30 till July 3, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany

This Summer School was the 5th in a series of joint international schools by the IMPRS-CMS and the Max Planck-UBC Center for Quantum Materials in Vancouver and the 1st in cooperation with the doctoral school of the Max Planck–EPFL Center for Molecular Nanoscience and Technology in Lausanne.

Scope of the Summer School:

Superconductivity and magnetism are often seen as incompatible phenomena as magnetism easily destroys superconductivity. However, in some instances a coexistence with intriguing properties may ensue when, for example, the dimensions of the superconductor are reduced or the magnetic moments are very localized. Both superconductivity and magnetism are fascinating subjects on their own and they are far from being understood. In combination, they have revealed an even stranger world of effects, of which it seems that we have only scratched the surface so far. This summer school will cover the topics superconductivity and magnetism as well as the combination of the two, how they can coexist in materials and how they interact to produce new particles, such as the Majorana fermion.

Program, Speaker and Organization:

  • Superconductivity
    Andrey Chubukov (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Marcel Franz (UBC Vancouver), Stefan Kaiser (MPI-SD Hamburg), Abhay Pasupathy (Columbia University), Mathieu LeTacon (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), Peter Wahl (University of St. Andrews)
  • Magnetism
    Mona Berciu (UBC Vancouver), Kirsten v. Bergmann (University of Hamburg), Stefan Blügel (FZ Jülich), Harald Brune (EPFL, Lausanne), Markus Ternes (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), Wolfgang Wernsdorfer (CNRS, Grenoble)
  • Combination of Superconductivity and Magnetism
    Hugo Dil (EPFL, Lausanne), Katharina Franke (FU-Berlin), Pavel Ostrovsky (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), Andreas Rost (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), Andreas Schnyder (MPI-FKF Stuttgart), Hermann Suderow (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • New Materials/new effects/visions for the future
    Jenny Hoffman (Harvard University/UBC), Stuart Parkin, (IBM Almaden), George Sawatzky (UBC Vancouver), Ilya Sochnikov (Stanford University)

Scientific Organizers:
Christian Ast (MPI-FKF Stuttgart) and Sebastian Loth (MPI-SD Hamburg)

Poster Session:

At the summer school we will have a mixture of pedagogic lectures and scientific talks presenting the latest developments in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to present their work as poster. For the PhD students, who want/need to get credits for the summer school, registration is mandatory in order to get a certificate of attendance.

Schedule and Program:

The School will start on Monday morning (June 30), with the first talk at 9 am, and the program finishes at midday on Thursday (July 3rd).

To download the program please click here!


The school is intended for PhD students in Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science. All members of the IMPRS-CMS and everyone interested in participating are cordially invited to come to Stuttgart.


Dr. Hans-Georg Libuda
International Max Planck Research School for Condensed Matter Science
Coordination office

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