Summer School of the IMPRS & MPI-UBC-UTokyo Center:
Design and Synthesis on Quantum Materials
September 28 to October 2, 2020

Summer School
"Design and Synthesis of Quantum Materials"

of the IMPRS & MP-UBC-UTokyo Center
Stuttgart, September 28th - October 2nd, 2020


Quantum phenomena offer great opportunities for applications in information and clean energy technology, including the realization of quantum computers and novel solar cells. The rational design and synthesis of materials that host such phenomena are therefore at the forefront of solid state research. The aim of this Summer School is to bring interdisciplinary research experts in the field of quantum materials together with young researchers at the Max Plank Institute, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Tokyo.


  • Soft chemistry
  • Defects and ionic conductivity
  • (High-pressure) synthesis
  • Chemical bonding / Materials trends
  • Thin films
  • Structural characterization
  • Thermodynamics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Ab-initio theory

Confirmed invited Speakers (alphabetically)

  • P. Attfield (U Edinburgh)
  • N. Benedek (Cornell University)
  • C. Berlinguette (UBC)
  • M. Dressel (U Stuttgart)
  • A. Fujimori (U Tokyo)
  • A. Hallas (UBC)
  • M. Hayward (U Oxford)              
  • J. Maier (MPI)
  • A. Ramirez (UC Santa Cruz)
  • M. Rosseinsky (U Liverpool)
  • H. Kageyama (U Kyoto)
  • W. Zeier (U Gießen)
  • K. Zou (UBC)

(Virtual) Venue

The Summer School will take place as a ZOOM video conference meeting virtually hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart.

We will follow the Central European Summer Time (Berlin time, GMT+2). To make it convenient for participants from different time zones, the organizers will be recording sessions (lectures, including discussion) and make them available in a dedicated webpage. The download page will be only accessible for registered participants of IMPRS-CMS and MPI-UBC-UTokyo Center and the link will be distributed by email.

We will jointly watch the lectures live in the lecture hall 2D5 at the MPI-FKF campus. The three lectures by P. Attfield, J. Maier, and M. Dressel (marked with a red asterisk in the program), will be given in person in 2D5 and at the same time broadcasted via ZOOM. All other lectures (marked with a black asterisk) will be held online, but we will have the public viewing in 2D5 for all of them. The current Corona regulations allow up to 50 persons in 2D5. To apply with the institute rule, we have to record names, as well as entrance and exit times (please sign in to the list at the entrance). The chairs to be occupied are marked accordingly.


The program is organized such that it is convenient for speakers in different time zones to present live. During a session, the audio of the participants will be only unmuted by the session chairpersons on demand. The video (except the one of the speaker) should stay off at all time to make the e-meeting technically feasible. Generally, we suggest that questions that arise during the 90 min lecture are posed via the ZOOM public chat. The questions will then be collected by the chairpersons and prepared for the subsequent discussion of 30 min. Question from the audience in the Stuttgart lecture hall should also be posed during the subsequent discussion session. The chairperson’s team dedicated to each session will also moderate the additional discussion sessions on the following day (grey marked sessions the day after the lecture) for participants from Tokyo and Vancouver, who could not attend live but would have question for the lectures. The names of the speakers who will be available for each session will appear in the final program. Further these time slots could be used for Poster discussion in private BigBlueButton virtual room (just follow the link given in the poster list on the NextCloud webpage in a browser; no client has to be installed). You can also contact the students by email (see also poster list) to make individual appointments.

Student Contribution

Student contributions come in various forms: 3-min introductory presentations, 15-min price talks, posters, and lab videos.

The 3-min presentations with a maximum of 2 slides are meant to advertise your poster. These presentations will take place on Monday in two sessions. We distribute the 3-min performances of the Stuttgart students between the two sessions for Tokyo and Vancouver students. The slides of the 3-min talks will be merged into a single presentation and will be played by the organizers/chair persons to allow a smooth sequence of presentations. We advise the speaker to be online with full name in ZOOM such that the chair persons only have to unmute the person whose turn it is.

All participants will have the opportunity to vote for the best presentation after the 3-min advertisement. The four winners will receive a price talk on Wednesday or Thursday. The voting will be done via a web form and will be open until Tuesday morning 10 am. The winners receive an email and the result of the voting will be made public through the chat and the internal webpage.

We recommend preparing the poster in a slide format of up to 8 slides (ppt or pdf file format named SURNAME_CITY) as this is easier to read on the screen. All posters will be virtually on display throughout the conference on the internal webpage. Those interested in live discussion of a specific poster will be able to do that in reserved virtual rooms during the time dedicated in the grey-marked “Online discussion sessions” and by making individual appointments. We will distribute poster contributions from Tokyo in the morning sessions and from Vancouver in the afternoon sessions. Poster contributions from Stuttgart will be distributed between the two sessions.

A list of poster contribution (Name, Title, link to file, Time of assigned session, BBB link of meeting room) will be published on the internal webpage (the link will be send out be email).

The deadline for file upload for the 3-min presentations, the posters, and lab videos is September 23, 2020. The link for the upload will be sent in advance by email.

Please note that the number of participants is limited. First come, first serve.

Program and Schedule


Registraton closed!

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