Application & Admission

Before you start the application process please read the guidelines for a successful application to the IMPRS-CMS carefully.

We offer first class training and education for outstanding doctoral students from all over the world in a stimulating research environment. This competitive doctoral program provides students with an excellent starting platform for a successful career in the fields of solid state chemistry, condensed matter physics, and materials science. The application procedure shares many features with those at top U.S. universities, but includes three-day on-campus interviews for all shortlisted candidates. It has maintained a very high selectivity; less than 3% of all applicants have been accepted on average.

Who can apply?

  • Outstanding students holding a Master's degree in physics, chemistry, or materials science can be directly admitted to the PhD program. Please follow the instructions for the application.
  • Exceptional students with a Honors BSc degree (4 or 5 years of study) can also be admitted to the Ph.D. program.
  • Outstanding candidates with Bachelor's degrees can apply for a "bachelor fellowship" funded by the IMPRS-CMS. At the same time, they have to enroll in one of the Master's programs at the University of Stuttgart:
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