Application & Admission

Before you start the application process please read the guidelines for a successful application to the IMPRS-CMS carefully.

We offer first class training and education for outstanding doctoral students from all over the world in a stimulating research environment. This competitive doctoral program provides students with an excellent starting platform for a successful career in the fields of solid state chemistry, condensed matter physics, and materials science. The application procedure shares many features with those at top U.S. universities, but includes three-day on-campus interviews for all shortlisted candidates. It has maintained a very high selectivity; less than 3% of all applicants have been accepted on average.

Who can apply?

  • Outstanding students holding a Master's degree in physics, chemistry, or materials science can be directly admitted to the PhD program. Please follow the instructions for the application.
  • Exceptional students with a Honors BSc degree (4 or 5 years of study) can also be admitted to the Ph.D. program.
  • Outstanding candidates with Bachelor's degrees can apply for a "bachelor fellowship" funded by the IMPRS-CMS. At the same time, they have to enroll in one of the Master's programs at the University of Stuttgart:

When can I apply?

PhD programm: There are two deadlines every year. The spring term usually starts on April 1st, with the application deadline August 31, of the year before. Deadline for the fall term is January 31, for beginning in September. Nevertheless, only the deadlines are fixed, the starting date can vary (see selection procedure). If you missed the deadline please apply for the next term.

Bachelor fellowship: There is no application deadline for the stipend.

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