Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for an internship or a postdoctoral position?                                            

Sorry, we don't take any students for internships and we don't have any postdoctoral positions in the IMPRS-CMS. Our program is designed for graduate students only. Please contact the departments directly.              

When can I apply?

There are two deadlines for the PhD programm every year. The spring term usually starts on April 1st, with the application deadline September 30, of the year before. Deadline for the fall term is February 28, for beginning in September. Nevertheless, only the deadlines are fixed, the starting date can vary (see selection procedure). If you missed the deadline please apply for the next term.

There is no application deadline for the stipend.

Who can be my referee?

We request references from at least two scholars familiar with your academic work who can judge your potential as a PhD student. During the registration process our database program will contact automatically your referees. Nevertheless, you should ask them in advance if they are willing to write a recommendation for you.                                           

How many students are accepted at the IMPRS each year?

There is no fixed number of accepted students per year. The number of accepted applicants depends on the quality of the applicants and the need of the involved research groups.

What is the language of the program?

Courses are held in English. A thorough knowledge of English is therefore inevitable. However, applicants don't need any certificate to prove their knowledge of the English language, since the application interviews are also held in English. Knowledge of the German language is not mandatory but recommendable.

How much financial support will I receive?

Every admitted IMPRS-CMS student will get a working contract with all social benefits. Currently the monthly income for students holding an MSc at the MPI-FKF is approximately 1,650 € per month (net after tax etc.).
Stipend for students holding a BSc is 934 € per month for 1.5 years.

From which university will I receive my doctoral degree?

Normally the degree will be conferred by the University of Stuttgart, but it’s also possible to turn to another university. International students may also choose to get their degree by a university of their home country.

What about health insurance?

Every student must have a health insurance. This is also a prerequisite for enrolment at a German university. You may also consider staying insured in your home country if the health service in your country covers your studies in Germany.                                                                                                                                                         

Tuition fees

Most German universities do not charge tuition fees. However, they require the payment of a small enrolment fee entitling students to certain services. Presently, the fees for the University of Stuttgart are approximately 175 EUR per semester (6 months). Enrolment entitles students to public transportation and to many student discounts (e.g. cultural events and travel).
Because of a new law universities in Baden-Württemberg demand a tuition fee of 1,500 € per semester from Non-EU Citizens for Bachelor and Master Studies since May 2017. Doctoral studies are still free of charge. For more information about this topic and also for possible exemptions please contact the web pages of the University of Stuttgart.

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